“Women are strong, brave and capable… At  DIYgirls, we don’t let ourselves be intimidated by working inan industry previously unaccustomed to females.”


As a professional maintenance, repair and interior design company, we service residential and commercial properties as well as retail spaces, lodges and hotels, throughout the country. From our meticulously tailored designs to our custom-made products, we pride ourselves in delivering solutions that meet the exact requirements of our clients. 

At the very core of DIYgirls, lies a passion for quality, attention to detail, high ethical behaviour as well as respect for people and their property. Whether it’s a small bedroom refresh or a larger office project, interior or exterior – we pride ourselves in providing fast, affordable and creative solutions of the highest quality.

DIYgirls is a female owned micro enterprise that employs 90% black females. We are committed to community upliftment with skills development and training programs for previously disadvantaged females; and feel strong about giving back to the community.

DIYgirls is unique in that it is the first and only South African company in this industry to employ only female architects, designers, painters, carpenters, seamstresses, upholsterers, framers, electricians, plumbers, tilers and other tradeswomen. 

Our technicians are qualified, certified and skilled in their respective trades. This allows us to deliver service excellence, all the while backing our work with the DIYgirls Warranty. 

The surprising benefit to using women-only teams is the sense of safety and security, in a country where over half the population is security conscious. This is what sets DIYgirls apart to single woman, stay-at home moms, the elderly and men, who feel uncomfortable to let just anyone into their home or office; and who have appreciation for the care and attention to detail that the professionals employed by DIYgirls bring to the job.

DIYgirls was founded by Vinette Diab Nicholls – an entrepreneur with years of experience in property  development, management, maintenance and design. 

Since a young age, Vinette has been passionate about the empowerment of women. And, when she discovered how many skilled, experienced and qualified yet unemployed tradeswomen there are in South Africa, she combined her industry knowledge with this gap in the market. DIYgirls was created - a unique all-female service that covers every aspect of property maintenance and repair as well as interior design and decorating, to home and business owners. To this day, Vinette is actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business and values the  relationships she builds through one-on-one interaction with her clients and suppliers. With DIYgirls, her hope is to inspire change and make a real impact in our country - to provide women with a platform where they can showcase their talents and realise their power.

At DIYgirls, we are passionate about the empowerment of woman and believe in the ideal of gender equality. We aim at providing opportunities for sustainable employment in what is traditionally an industry unaccustomed to females. 

Where possible, we support other local businesses and collaborate with female entrepreneurs from rural, township and urban areas alike, to give our clients innovative and affordable products that are equal in quality and durability. 

We are committed to providing continued support to local South African women in order to drive prosperity at all levels. We believe that if we can give our women the right tools and knowledge, we can help change the fortunes of entire communities.

At DIYgirls, we feel strongly about giving back to our communities. In aim of doing so, we make and donate quality quilted blankets to charities, care centres and non-profit organisations across the country. Our blankets are handmade with fabrics from Hertex, Home Fabrics and U&G. They are colourful, durable and warm - the perfect gift to give to those in need. Contact us if you would like to participate in this cause, in the spirit of Ubuntu.
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